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Crocodile Pattern Zipped Shoulder Bag in Orange and Punk Snake Shaped One Earring

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Picture of vintagelooksimona

vintagelooksimona: Oh, great clutch!!!!

Picture of ajdunville17875

ajdunville17875: Nice bag!!! Love it!

Picture of mariemichel

mariemichel: Love the patchwork style!

Picture of REBELCHICK81

REBELCHICK81: So unique! I really like it!

Picture of sweet_gal_80

sweet_gal_80: Nice looking bag and earring!

Print Metal Embellished Halterneck Swimsuit I LOVE that the neck can tie as a halter or be wrapped and tied in the back to make it strapless!

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Picture of MommyWhoLoves

MommyWhoLoves: You look good!

Picture of DivaFabulosa

DivaFabulosa: :looks good!

Picture of thriftymom613

thriftymom613: this is an xlarge swimsuit. I am in about a size 12 dress and this fits perfect =]

Picture of brookeh

brookeh: I love it

Picture of homemom3

homemom3: Love the top. Is this a one size?

AllThingsAbby's review on Oasap

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Picture of MommyWhoLoves

MommyWhoLoves: Wish I could wear big sunglasses! You look great in them!

Picture of cinnaburst_1976

cinnaburst_1976: Oh I love those big glasses like that. I want some bad!

Picture of jzamp30

jzamp30: nice

Picture of brookeh

brookeh: I love over-sized sunglasses

Check Cut Out Crossed Strappy Swimsuit

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Picture of geo_capsu

geo_capsu: Nice colors!

Picture of Cinny

Cinny: This one's pretty cute too!

Picture of couponsinmotion

couponsinmotion: Nice suit but I like the one you modeled better.

Picture of AllThingsAbby

AllThingsAbby: Great suit!

My review on Chic-oversized-celebrity-sunglasses and Chic-oversized-letters-printing-canvas-shoulder-bag

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Picture of MommyWhoLoves

MommyWhoLoves: Nice glasses

Picture of Cinny

Cinny: love the sunglasses

Picture of z853www

z853www: Very cute stuff!

Picture of Kainalu55

Kainalu55: great stuff...

Picture of couponsinmotion

couponsinmotion: Love the sunglasses. I am always looking for a new style.

Flower Shaped Pearl End Earrings

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Picture of koreandoll

koreandoll: lovely!!!

Picture of cinnaburst_1976

cinnaburst_1976: Those are really cool!

Picture of ajdunville17875

ajdunville17875: These are great earrings!!!

Picture of mariemichel

mariemichel: very unique indeed!

Light summer dress...perfect for the summer!

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A Long Sleeve Irregular Hem Cardigan. Comes in white or grey, and is made of Polyester fiber. Priced at $21.00

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Chic studded striped t-shirt with attached waistband

16 likes   15 comment   13 repins  

A Candy Colored Striped Exposed Shoulder T-shirt. The shirt is 100% Cotton, is a one size fits all, the color is pink and blue green stripe. This shirt is priced at $30 on OASAP

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Picture of Cinny

Cinny: Nice!

Picture of dedastudios

dedastudios: Nice shirt!

Picture of craftsandthings1

craftsandthings1: love this top!

Picture of AllThingsAbby

AllThingsAbby: Very cute

Halter Neck Swimsuit (I am 5'9 170 pounds, about a size 12) this is a size XL

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Gorgeous makeup case, but I use it as a bag. Love all the details and the strap is versatile.

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Picture of MommyWhoLoves

MommyWhoLoves: Very Pretty!

Picture of thriftyninja

thriftyninja: adorable!

Picture of AllThingsAbby

AllThingsAbby: Love the feminine detail

Picture of jerzytron

jerzytron: super cute

My kids love my new dress!

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Picture of cinnaburst_1976

cinnaburst_1976: I bet that is super comfy! Love it!

Picture of paasfour22677

paasfour22677: What a fun dress!

Picture of dedastudios

dedastudios: Great Skirt

Picture of GlitterPukee27504

GlitterPukee27504: Adorable :DDDD I LOVE IT

Long Sleeve Irregular Hem Cardigan

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Picture of koreandoll

koreandoll: great!

Picture of cinnaburst_1976

cinnaburst_1976: I love the hem! It makes it interesting!

Picture of ajdunville17875

ajdunville17875: I love the irregular hem.... really cool!

Stretch Fit Vest with Lace Straps

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Picture of koreandoll

koreandoll: beautiful

Picture of cinnaburst_1976

cinnaburst_1976: Very pretty!

Picture of ajdunville17875

ajdunville17875: Really like the lace straps!